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13 July 2020

The Waterside Centre reopened to Service Users


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Tuesday 15th September

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We re-opened for service users on Monday 13th July, not really knowing what to expect, but as our service users have returned, they have all been arriving in their masks, keeping social distance and washing their hands. They put the general public to shame! We are very proud of them all.

Now that we have seen how everything works, we feel that we can accommodate up to 14 at each session, that means that there is no longer a need for a cancellation rota, so there are no cancelled sessions.

It has been quiet at the centre and we are not doing some of the off-site activities that we used to, however we have been going down to the allotment - there is lots to do there!

We have also been using our 'Magic Table' which we fund raised so hard for, and it has been a big hit. Many, MANY thanks to everyone who contributed!

The Magic Table Washable face coverings  for sale to our service users

We have quite a number of face coverings that have been made locally for us which are washable.

They have two layers of material, and most have wire at the nose part for a snug fit.

They come in two sizes - S/M, and L and are £3 each.

They are ready to pick up at the centre now, first come, first served.

Keeping Healthy

Don't forget that it is still important to look after your health that is not related to Covid-19. This includes having your annual health check, this may be done by video link rather than in person. Here is some advice about looking after your health.