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There are many ways you can help The Waterside Centre - for example, if you ever buy from Amazon there is a nifty way of going to and typing “The Waterside Centre” into the text box labelled “Or pick your own charitable organisation:” - like this!

Click the “Search” button and you should then see a result something like this:

The search results aren’t perfect, but just choose the “Select” button next to The Waterside Centre and then when you shop at Amazon they will automatically donate to The Waterside Centre without costing you anything! Just remember to start shopping at instead of the plain old and it will all be taken care of for you, and any donations will come from Amazon rather than from your pocket. Of course, you can also donate directly…

Directly Donating

There are myriad ways of donating - but as you are visiting on The Internet possibly the easiest way would be via “Localgiving”:

Donate now Give monthly £50 £10 £5 pays for a meal for a service user pays for a worker for an hour Pays for a minibus for the day for an outing Fundraise for us 2020 Ultra Challenge

This is probably an excellent thing, but I haven’t researched it yet so can’t say anything really!