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Physical Activities

These days a great deal of emphasis is placed on the importance of keeping active in order to promote wellbeing. As much as possible we encourage people to engage in physical activities throughout the day.

For some time we have been running various formal activity groups - gym, badminton, swimming, walking and these are very popular, especially with the younger members.

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The Benefits of Running these Sessions for our Service Users

As we know, structured exercise can help to maintain healthy weight, help prevent serious chronic diseases and has many benefits that help promote physical health - which in turn promotes better sleep and cognition, and a general improvement in organ function.  Physical activity is a basic right for all to access, and by making it fun and giving incentives, helps to positively motivate people.

The benefits of community based activities doesn't stop with the physical and mental benefits. Our service users are actively encouraged to participate in handling monies, receipts etc, interacting with members of staff and the public by using basic life skills - thus improving their skill base and promoting a positive image to the public.

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